Sunday, 15 September 2013

That tricky introductory blog..

So, where to begin?

Attempt number god knows how many at this blogging lark. I've had a few disastrous attempts at blogging in the past. They've all fallen flat on their arses because I didn't bother writing more than a couple of posts in each one before getting bored of them/forgetting that they even exist. Worryingly, lurking somewhere in some dark corner of the Internet are my inane musings waiting to creep out and embarrass the absolute shit out of me...

Anyway - I've decided to have another go. Writing is something I've always been pretty good at, and being the opinionated brat that I am I enjoy having a good old vent on the Internet from time to time. Trouble is, Twitter restricts me to 130 characters and I'm probably doing my Facebook friends' heads in with my lengthy ramblings. Blogging it is.

I'm not going to restrict myself to a theme - I'll talk about anything and everything. I'll try to update as often as possible, and hopefully some people will find it interesting!

In a bit,

R x

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